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RI Baker Company, Inc.

Millwright & Rigging

Providing transportation, installation, removal, repair and maintenance for neighboring industries.
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Machine Shop

Our job style machine shop is dexterous and innovative utilizing both modern CNC and manual machining methods.
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Providing both in-house and on-site welding and metal fabrication services.
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Located in Clarksburg Massachusetts, we are a PROUD American manufacturer and we have been providing Machine Shop and Metal Fabrication services since 1968 and are home to many of the areas most experienced millwrights, riggers, machinist, welders and skilled metal workers of all types.

Mechanical Contractor

As a Mechanical Contractor, we provide Industrial and Commercial Process Piping and plumbing.


We provide Millwright services and Rigging. We are equipped with forklifts and a roll-off flatbed truck. We can perform Machinery Installation & Assembly.

Machine Shop

Our Machine Shop is capable of pipe, plate, and general steel fabrication.

Our bending capacity is up to 3/8" plate.

We also perform Pipe Threading & Grooving.

Metal Fabrication

We are a Certified Structural Welder.

We can produce custom HVAC Ductwork upon request.

Call us for onsite mobile welding.

Our plasma table is automated and can handle small and large work.

We have CAD Capabilities.

Proudly an American Manufacturer

Contact Us today to discuss how we can help with your Metal Working needs.